Friday, December 7, 2012



I'm so excited about IV's newest piece, Toxic, a McQueen inspired skull clutch that is breathtaking....

lol Don't mind my skinny witch fingers! But the skull hardware paired with the jewels and animal print make this piece a MUST HAVE. 

AND the 15% off sale is still going on, with the code "THANKS"

Unfortunately I have to run but I can't wait to write about this amazing blog geared towards black women that IV was featured in! And the holiday outfit suggestions! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturdays/Belle!

Hey Ladies,
I hope EVERYONE enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  I didn't think that mine would be great, I actually hosted it at my house this year and I'm not the best cook, but I'm determined to learn.  Lets just say that I had NO food left, I was so pleased about it.  I checked out a really great blog for some ideas, Divas Can Cook.  Lets just say that her Pomegranate (Adult) Punch was a huge hit with my family, it was delicious!!!! My family deemed me the official Holiday Hostess, I can NOT wait for Christmas to come around, I am already thinking about the menu!

In honor of Small Business Saturdays, I am offering a 15% discount off your whole entire order ANNNNNND it s not just good for ONE Saturday, its good for a few weeks.  This would be a great time to visit to get a gift for yourself or a special Vixen in your life! The 15% is good until 12/21/2012...I seriously can not tell you how thankful I am for my customers.


The code for the 15% off is THANKS

Intoxicating Vixen's newest dress is....well, I want to say simply breathtaking, however NOTHING about her is simple at all....Complexly Breathtaking is more appropriate! Belle def ensures that you are the Belle of the Ball, no question about it!
check her out!
Don't forget to take advantage of the 15% off!!!! THANKS

The beautiful watch "Grandiose" has been restocked.  Everyone falls in love with this amazing piece. Whenever I wear it, I get so many questions about it!
Check her out!
 Don't forget to take advantage of the 15% off!!!! THANKS ;)

The next post I do is a really exciting one, it'll break down some of the pieces IV carries and describe what type of woman/event these pieces would work best for....if you're looking for Christmas gifts, this will be a great post to keep an eye out for!

Thank you so much for reading! 
Mika :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Short hair never cared!

In honor of my Dirty Flirty 30th, I chopped off my hair and I LOVE it.  The styles I can do are endless...actually going to do a youtube tutorial in a few weeks on a style, can't wait. Here it is...
For all of my life I've had long hair, so this is quite a change for me...I think it was the perfect birthday present to myself

Also I said that I would share the free gift that I ordered for my valued customers, these super cute keychains...

And of course my munchkin lost his tooth, ha he was actually trying to negotiate with me about how much the tooth fairy should leave him!

Hope you all had an Intoxicating weekend! 
-Ms. Dirty Flirty 30

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The new stuff...

I'm in love with the new items that are in the boutique! Whenever I get a new shipment, I'm like a kid in the candy store

First up, Demure..this piece is fantastic, its lined, very versatile and a pure classic.  $36 is a steal for her!

Next up is a full IV outfit, the top is Labyrinth ($22) and Edge ($20), a perfect balance of Sexy and Classy for $42 

Of course the accessories I chose for this outfit were Grandiose (the watch) and Ingress (the earrings) as well as Inclusion (the ring, which will be going on the site shortly)

Grandiose was such a hit that it sold out immediately, however I am ordering another shipment, I LOVE this piece 

Also Labyrinth (the top) can be worn so many ways, I wore it out the office last week with my fav blazer

Finally, my lovely Autumn Vixen giving me a peck of approval on the new items


 I ordered tokens of appreciation for my customers, I can not wait to receive them and share them with you all, they will be free with any IV order.  

I hope all is well with everyone, my wonderful work wife and I are finally getting together to work on the affirmation pieces soon, I can't wait to show them on the blog and hang them around my place!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Watch" as "Demure" transforms into Intoxicating

A few new pieces are coming in, sneak preview....

Demure , IV's newest piece.  
I enjoy this piece because you can do ALOT with it. Dress it up or dress it down.  Wear it to the office, a wedding, or a first date. The options are endless.
I'm also just going to drop a few gems and leave them here...

There's more, but this is just a sneak preview :)

Demure will be available for sale this upcoming weekend and the gems will be available next week.

The fall is here already, what ever happened to the slow smooth transition from summer to fall? I feel like one day it was hot, and the next day it was cool...and just stayed that way.

Hope all is well!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Dirty Flirty Thirty,

Good Morning!
What a wonderful long weekend.  I came across Erin's lovely blog "My 30 Spot" and I fell in love with it.  Mainly because, well, in a couple of months, I will be 30! She had this wonderful idea, "Love for 30 Project" where women reflect back on their 30's, look forward to their 30's, provide insight, etc.  I decided to write a letter to my future 30 year old self, it was alot of fun and Erin was extremely encouraging considering the fact that I was a little nervous about submitting something.

ALSO, another submission to the "Love for 30" project really touched my heart, and I wanted to share that blog post as well...

I hope you all are having a great weekend and are able to check out Erin's great blog and maybe even submit a piece for the "Love For 30" project! 

Thanks :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Q's in School!/Bobbi Kristina's Sparkle Premiere Dress looks familiar..

It seems like just yesterday I held a tiny peapod in my arms.  I've watched him smile for the first time, take his first step, watch his first tooth pop in, and witness his first word (dada of course lol). I need to have a talk with Father Time and Mother Nature in regards to slowing down... Last week Q started K2, and I am happy to say that he is transitioning nicely, with a few bumps in the road of course. His most exciting part of this whole experience? Getting on the bus by himself lol
By the way that I am damn near strangling him, you can see that 
Mama Bear is not quite ready to let go of her cub!!!!


Lets talk about Bobbi Kristina and the lovely dress that she wore to the Sparkle premiere... carries a VERY similar dress, in gold of course...Glitz! 
 I am in love with this piece, as you can see, it is "Red Carpet" material :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


Sunday, August 5, 2012


My best friend and I decided to hit the streets and enjoy some of this beautiful summer weather, decided to wear Glitz, she was def a hit...

My best friend and I being Divas

Glitz is an "eye catcher", the piece didn't ask for attention, it demanded it. I felt as if I was pure gold that night, the sequins added the "wow" factor that I wanted.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)
Have a few special things lined up for the boutique and blog


Friday, July 20, 2012

The Birth of Intoxicating Vixen

You know, when people ask me about my business and the name of it, I
always get a second look.

Typical convo:

Unsuspecting Victim: You own a boutique? That’s pretty cool

Me: Yes it is, I LOVE it

Unsupsecting Victim: Whats the name of it?

Me: *smile* Intoxicating Vixen…

Unsupecting Victim: *clutches pearls* ohhhh, ummmm…what kind of
boutique is it with a name like that?

Growing up I was a tom boy. My mom was a tom boy, so she didn’t really
know how to do girly things with me.  I grew up watching GI Joe, Power
Rangers, He-man, all the boy cartoons, because that’s what my mother
watched with me.
My mom was also very poor.  I can remember being dragged with her to
the welfare office often and waiting there for hours.   The clothes
she would get me were just horrible.  In my moms defense, clothes and
girly stuff were not her specialty, and that’s okay….thats when my
grandmother took over.  Lol Her favorite store used to be Lord &
Taylor, she would take me there and spend so much money I really
thought that I was a princess when I was with her.  

She let me know early on, that one day I would become a woman, I was only given one body, I should always treat it with care and respect, dont abuse it and never allow anyone else to abuse it, be careful what I put into it and who I have around it, and lastly, whenever I step out, whatever I have on should make a statement.

As a little girl I used to go with her to meetings and events, and in predictable Libra fashion, she was always dressed to kill and had the type of charm that would knock you off your feet. 

Lol I have a story about the following picture.  Now I know that Baby Phat is not exactly hot anymore, but this picture was taken 2004ish when everyone was wearing it, my grandmother wasn’t a name brand junkie so she was unaware.  She calls me up for one of our many chats and tells me “Shimi, ever since I was around your age, I wanted a fire engine red leather jacket! And now that I’m 79 I got it! I’m going to wear it to my birthday dinner!”

And as you can see, she stepped out in that jacket and you could not tell her that she wasn’t a diva on that day (or any other day for that matter).  A few years later, she grew tired of that jacket, and gave it to me, she said “I’m reaching middle age territory now, so you can have it” lol

Anyways, when I made my mind up to open my own boutique, I couldn’t think of a name. I knew the type of clothes that I wanted to carry, I knew the mission statement, and the only thing missing was the name. I pitched “Intoxicating Vixen” and “Venomous Vixen” to my work wife, as many of you know, the wife usually has the final say, she told me “Intoxicating Vixen”. So I had to run it by one more person to make it official.

So a little over a year ago, during our many evenings together, I tell my grandmother that I finally have a name for the boutique “Intoxicating Vixen”…she gives me a look and a smile, ha any time she gave me that look and that smile things could go incredibly great or drastically bad. In true grandmother fashion, she quizzed me, I really remember the convo like it was yesterday…

Ganny: Hmmm sounds kind of risqué, why’d you choose a name like that?

Me: *crazy nervous look on my face* well ganny, ummmm…ahhhhh….

Ganny: With all this umming and ahhing you’re doing, by the time you finish, our dinner will be cold, get to it

Me: Well…I chose the name because now that I’m getting older, being a mom myself, working, and just dealing with life itself, I sometimes forget about that magic that I possess, and I also see a lot of other women forgetting about the magic the posses.  Take your daughter (my mom) for example, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen her look and feel amazing….

Ganny: mmmhmmm…but your ganny, honey, even in my 80’s I haven’t forgot about my magic, you see these legs?!?!? (lol she really did have amazing legs, better than most 20 years olds)

Me: ANYWAYS Ganny, I want to name the boutique Intoxicating Vixen, because I believe every woman has the fire inside of them, everyone is a Vixen to some extent and every woman is naturally Intoxicating, you just have to bring it out of them.  Given that the boutique is only going to sell exclusive items that people probably won’t see on another person in their area, it’ll add a “WOW” factor.

Ganny: At first I was a little iffy about the name, but hearing your reasoning has sold me. I love it. I know you like to vamp it up, so it fits.  Just own it, when people ask you about the name, you have to say it proudly, no doubts. And believe me, people will ask about the name….

She winked at me and we ate our dinner together, and then went for a walk so she could show off her legs J

I miss her.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy B-day to my Crab

It was my munchkin's birthday so we went to Six Flags NJ, he loves animals and that particular six flags has a safari.  He LOVED it.  My mother and him happen to share the same birthday, so we all celebrate together.  The e-boutique was on "closed" mode while I was away, I didn't want anyone to get late orders, however its open again :)

Here's his bday morning video, lol and thats my annoying younger brother talking in the background, I swear, no matter how old they get, they still remain annoying as heck:

I have a few personal things on my mind that I want to discuss, but its early in the morning, and I tend to like to open up at night, so I will wait on it. 

Exciting things for the boutique coming up, as a little girl, I always wanted to have my own business and just seeing my boutique blossom is amazing.  Just the fact that I had an idea, I worked to make that idea into a reality, and now I am able to put smiles on people's faces. For women to tell me that they love the stuff that I have to offer at the store, they wear it and feel like a brand new woman....I don't know, I just never thought that I could help people on that type of level, and seeing that I have, it makes me smile.  I am not the most social, but I do love helping people behind the scenes, this boutique actually makes me happy, it gives me purpose. 

Some days I feel like "I'm JUST Shimika" or "I'm JUST a regular old single mom" or "I'm JUST a college drop out with wasted potential" or whatever else I "JUST" am at the current moment in time. That "JUST" word might be the worst word ever created.  "Just" almost seems like its next to nothing.  Usually the only thing that could get me out of "just mode" was seeing my son smile, but now, thinking about people who have reached out to me about how happy they are with their clothing also gets me out of "just mode".  Insecurities are what makes us human, dealing with those insecurities is what separates the strong from the weak.

I think I will have my work wife Karen of Embellished Memory Designs make personalized framed affirmations for me.  I can pretty much hang them in my house and have my visitors think I am the most arrogant girl ever jking...they will JUST be reminders of JUST how awesome I am.

So far:

"I am JUST Shimika, you know, the insanely beautiful, wild, sassy, smart and funniest woman that you've been granted the pleasure of knowing? Be thankful and pay homage" 

"I am JUST Q's mom, the 5 year old ball of energy thats curious, talkative, smart, and a headache all wrapped up in an adorable chocolate package of sweetness.  Most people wouldn't be able to keep up with him, but I'm JUST merely a supermom" 

"I am JUST the owner of Intoxicating Vixen, you know, the fabulous e-boutique that brings out the inner vixen that all women possess? yeah, I'm JUST the woman that loves to bring that side out of all women."
These aren't the final statements, I just kind of came up with these off the top of my head so I might change them a little.  But in total I want about 5, well 6, I want one for my son to hang up in his room. I really need this, I get caught up so much with whats going on in my mind, visual affirmations that I'm forced to look at will be a great balance.  I haven't asked Karen yet, but by the time she sees this, I guess that will be my way of asking her, lol and hopefully by that time I will have the other 3 that I want.  I think she can make these affirmations amazingly eye friendly with her top notch embellishments.  I can't wait to show you guys what she comes up with, and yes I will blog about it 

Geeesh I said that I didn't want to open up right now, and actually this wasn't even what I had planned to discuss, but I suppose, once you just start writing you just can't stop.
Today is a thrift store run, I dont have my son, and its nice out, sooooo why not.  

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Special Offer...and of course my bean...digging...

digging for treasure? or not.

Q's been asking to get on "TV" for the longest and finally I was able to get him on...

Did you catch him digging? and not for gold either! BOYS!!! 
If you weren't too distracted by his antics, I hope you caught that special offer...ALONG with the free shipping, what a steal ;) 

This is actually the first video I've uploaded from my Iphone, maybe I should stick to my camera...I'm also wearing Vain in this video

Ladies, I hope you enjoyed the day with the special men in your life, they truly are blessings, Happy Fathers Day :)

I do own an e-boutique but I also thrift on occasion, I was extremely excited because I found myself an Elie Tahari blouse for $5, her blouses retail for $200 and up...and an amazing classic olive green blazer that I adore for $6.  If you haven't noticed, I'm into classic pieces that I can't just wear for a season.  I will share pics soon.

Also updated the Press section with the Deuce Beauties review, it was a lovely one! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm still here...

Another last minute trip to NYC for the weekend...look what my good friend Props (graphic designer) did for me:

NY, Graffiti, What more could a Vixen want?

I have pics to share, secrets to share, and more, just been really busy with my munchkin :)...I hope all is well with everyone else


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy's Day!!!

I actually thought that Mothers Day this year would be extremely hard for me considering that it was my first Mothers Day without my grandmother.  This year has been full of a bunch of "firsts" without her and despite the fact that 7 months has flew by, I still wake up expecting her to be here, give me (much needed) advice, tell me one of her stories about when she was my age, laughing at me (with love of course) for making the same mistakes she made when she was my age...It really isn't the same without her.

Mother's Day morning me and mom visited her grave, and that was comforting.  I'm pretty sure that this seems odd, but I love going, its really a peaceful place.

This Mother's day was tough on me, but I knew it would be even tougher on my mom, because I lost a grandmother, but she lost a mom, so I wanted to make it a special one for her.  So I informed my "work-wife" Karen, from Embellished Memory Designs that I wanted a personalized card for her.  I told Karen what my mom liked (the beach, nature, blue, sunshine)...Karen asked me what exactly did I want on the card, now that was the hard part, because I didn't want something generic, so I sat and thought what would Q (my son) say to her, and I came up with a poem, here's how the card turned out...

My mom LOVED the card...Karen hand picked Japanese paper with waves to signify the beach, and the flower on the front for the nature mom usually isn't into cards, she'll just throw them to the side, but THIS card, she has on her dresser and can't stop picking it up. I was so happy.

Also, Q has an outstanding God Mother that does ALOT for him, her family is truly his second I wanted a personalized card for her as well.  She is into the "finer" things in life, classy and a little sassy.  Her fav color is tiffany blue...I thought about what I wanted to say, told Karen...and her creation...
I LOVE it...I haven't given it to his God Mother yet, its soo beautiful, I want to keep it all to myself...would it be wrong if I contacted Karen to make me my own bday card in June despite the fact that my birthday is in October?

Check out Karen and of course if you want personalized cards or invitations, this is the place to go, she really puts so much thought, love, and work into her craft:
Mother's Day brought out the "Glam" Vixen in me...and "Q" (my son) got his mommy some HOT Rachel Roy pumps, in black...haha I was feeling myself on mother's day...I loved the pumps so much I'm going to get them in a few other colors...

lol No worries, I am not doing a booty shot, my bump is NOT on that level, but with another 1000000302 squats, it will be, I promise...I wanted to show of the back of glam with all the beautiful embellishments...

Hello Nurse!!!

And lastly me and my mommy went out to eat
I think we are starting to look alike...

After Dinner and a few drinks we went to see "Think Like a Man", and I honestly enjoyed the movie soo much, I want to see it again! It was really entertaining! 

Carla over at the Deuce Beauties (a POPULAR nail polish blog) gave Intoxicating Vixen an OUTSTANDING review, I am sooo proud of my e-boutique...Intoxicating Vixen is about amazing customer service and quality clothing that you will not find anywhere...In the next blog I will share the review with you and place it in the feature section of my blog...AND my son asked if he can be on "TV" again , so I will upload another video in the next post as well...

I hope all the moms had a beautiful Mothers day, I know I did...


Monday, April 30, 2012

Cocktail parties are fun!

My lovely sister and my best friend collaborated on an event this past weekend.  The cocktail party was a success, my sister of "Love2Lace Event Planning" did a great job at decorating the place, this is one picture before everyone demolished the sweets:

lol Seriously, I shouldn't have any problems when I have a major event in my life.  My best friend is a make-up artist, my work spouse makes handmade invitations, and my sister does event planning.  I am blessed.

I wore Tsunami and I sent positive waves and vibrations all throughout that place.  So many compliments were given on the dress and yes I was SEXY... (Ladies Tip: Being confident in yourself and accepting your sexiness is a MUST, if you don't recognize it, don't expect anyone else to)

Soooooo I made a huge mistake, and passed out at my BFF's house after the cocktail party WITH Tsunami on...Not good at all...however, it was like Tsunami and I were brand new, that's how great the quality of the dress is:

lol Well on second thought, Tsunami looked on the other hand....

Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend! ...Oh, and this will be a very special week for Intoxicating Vixen, I'll share later.... "Deuces!!!!!" ..that's a clue btw


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introducing IV's newest cocktail dress...

This "Tsunami" is sure to be the only one guaranteed to send positive waves and vibrations throughout your atmosphere. Flirty, Fab, and F...Teal? lol...I've been eying this beauty for a while.  Sure to be worn in the spring/summer, or paired with a blazer and worn in the colder months as well...Its about to be blazing out, cool off with this...

$55 with FREE SHIPPING :)
Isn't she a beauty?

Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am....I feel like this might have been the longest week ever, and there is still one more day! Not sure what I am doing for the weekend but whatever it is, it better include a lot of rest and relaxation.  Hope all is well...

Oh and before I go, I wanted to share this...helped me out so I figured maybe it would do the same for you...

“Accept - then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whats glam if you don't have Glitz?

Introducing Intoxicating Vixen's newest addition....Glitz!
How beautiful is she???? Slip her on and look as if you were dipped in gold. Classy, sexy, and of course Intoxicating.

This dress will be available for purchase Thursday 4/19 retailing at $57, a steal considering the FREE shipping 

Also another dress will be added very shortly, but I will give you a clue, its "deadly". Can't wait to share.

My munchkin got accepted into one of the best charter schools in Boston.  I'm thankful yet scared all at once.  He's going into K2, his days will be from 7:45 am until 4:30 pm, its almost like he is going to have a full time job at 5! Education is very important to me and I can't wait to start this journey with him. 

I've changed from being a Android Lady to an Iphone Lady, lol surprisingly after Android finally was granted access to Instagram.  My android was old though so Instagram was not working on it.  I had my droid for 3 years, I think they just automatically start acting up after that 2 year contract is up.  Loving my Iphone though and here's one of my Instagrams: 

lol I'm a little addicted but Im going to try not to post pictures everyday, wish me luck!!!

Hope all is well with you guys and I hope the weekend turns out to be a great one for all of us!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

I won!!!!

Not the lotto! haha if I did, I think my theme music would be....

lol I'd be acting a damn fool, actually I do that without winning the lotto, jking ;)

Anyways, I won these super cute earrings...
from the Frugal Flirty N Fab blog...check it out...

Its my first giveaway win, so Im extra excited, can't wait to wear them

Also, I did my very first international shipment out to France! 

Cant wait to share the new upcoming IV pieces with you guys, and don't forget for the month of April, Iconic is on sale for $30 :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend,
Shimika :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Iconic Feature

So for the month of April, I am putting one of my FAVORITE pieces on sale.  Its such a versatile piece and I wanted to showcase that.

Im going to spare you 50 milli pictures, I did 2 looks with Iconic...

The first look I paired "her" up with Dauntless and a sexy corset (the one that's currently in my profile pic lol)

For the second look, I re-did my new years outfit, the Sunrise Martini Dress and Iconic are a match made in Vixen Heaven

Annnnnd I wanted to do a video, so consider this a bonus look, "Iconic" paired with a plain black shirt...The "Bedtime Bandit" made a brief appearance...

My camera did not want to work with me, not sure why the quality is so low...and how many times did I say "ummm" , no judging! lol

I actually just started my youtube chan for the boutique, I used to have one for my natural hair adventures.  If any of you ladies have natural hair or want to see my past tutorials on it, please let me know and I will link you up to them 

Hope you guys enjoyed, for the month of April "Iconic" will be $30 including free shipping, this is a great price considering you wont find a piece like this anywhere.

Thank you! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love Potion 214...yummy

Hey Guys,
My (last) weekend getaway was so fun, even though I'm extra late on posting about it.  There's never a dull moment in New York.  During my stay out there my host insisted that I try this drink... 

Love Potion 214 is a non-alchy drink vanilla, alluring rose essence, splashed with coconut milk and aphrodisiac coco...and its soooooooooooo yummmmmy all by itself...but it can be used as a coffee creamer, eaten with cereal, mixed with alcohol or consumed by itself (warmed or chilled).

Since last weekend I was out of town and on relax mode, I decided to consume the drink with alcohol, and Smirnoff fluff was suggested...

It was yummy and delicious, oddly enough I could actually taste the rose in it, and it was a nice touch.  If you're ever in the New York area, def try to snag a bottle.  I briefly met the owner Mel and Mo and they were sooo sweet and pleasant. They even gave us these cute peppermint spoons to stir the drinks with:

These were the only pics I was able to get of my trip and this was after I was nice and at a crazy hour in the morning, hence the crooked pictures.  I def wanted to showcase my outfits, but too much was going on.  I'm a Boston lady, so I'm used to things being a bit slower. 

Also, a new shipment will be coming in April.  I haven't seen anything that I wanted for the boutique, as I said I'm VERY particular about what I like, but new things will be coming soon, hope you are ready! I'm excited. 

ALSO, one more thing, random....My son and I spent the weekend with my sister at her house.  She was telling me about Jason body wash, and how much she loved it.  I tried some, she had Chamomile Satin Shower, it lathered up really nicely and the scent was quite pleasant. I also liked that the soap was in a "pump" bottle, which made things easier. Since it was chamomile, I stepped out the shower relaxed and ready for bed. She purchased hers from wholefoods, and seeing that I work right near a wholefoods, I will be purchasing some soon, thinking about getting the Mango one, any of you ladies try this?

Sorry that this is kind of long, I missed blogging for a week so a lot was on my mind!
Now I need to catch up on some sleep, hope you all enjoyed the weekend :)


Friday, March 9, 2012

Glam No Labelz

Ashley over at Glam No Labelz (a wonderful blog that I adore) is hosting an IV giveaway....In honor of Women's history month we are working together to give away the "Simply Stunning" Grey Belt...because women are awesome :D

Please check out her lovely blog about fashion, beauty, and other things.  The giveaway is at

And that belt is NIIIIIIIIICE if I do say so myself lol

I'm leaving town for the weekend, feeling spontaneous, so New York City is calling me tommorrow morning, I'll be wearing things from IV so hopefully I can take some pics.  You Ladies Enjoy your weekend!!!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

I feel like dancing, but I have no rhythm! #HappyBlog

I almost feel like this blog is becoming the adventures of me and my work spouse lol
Anyways I wanted to give a huge shout out to my better half for 40 hours of the week, Karen of
I get bored so easily and I love switching things up, she created this for my site, how nice is this????
Karen does handmade cards and invitations, her stuff is hot. She drags me around with her to get exotic papers and one of a kind embellishments, and I always get excited to see what the final product looks like.  She currently has me not so patiently waiting on the final outcome of a vintage card, I can't wait.  Anyways ladies, we all have moms right? Karen is doing a giveaway for 2 lucky people, customized mother's day cards, the 2 winners will tell Karen about their mom, and she'll hand pick specialty paper as well as embellishments that are catered to your mother's likes, def jump on that, why go to CVS for something generic when you can go to Karen? Hit her up and give your mother's something different this year.

Now in Intoxicating Vixen News....ladies...I want to show you what Intoxicating Vixen is all about....
The creator of the Fab blog The Glamorous Gleam reviewed my dress Salacious! Seriously she looks flawless...a true Vixen... lol I stared at the picture for a little longer then I should have, even questioned my own sexuality jking...there is currently an IV giveaway going on there for $15 off a purchase, so make sure you check out her blog and shoot for the giveaway here:

lol seriously, if any of you ladies know how I can get some hips before the summer time, PLEASE tell me

AND very soon there will be another IV giveaway on another amazing blog from a No Lablelz type of Lady, she's a Cali girl, can I tell you how jealous I am of cali and southern girls? Hot weather all year round? Doesn't get any better than that....

Ohhh and before I forget, the lovely Ms. Drea at got her V-day  dress
I know she's going to step out on the town looking like a beast, her hubby better watch out! jking :D

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I did!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I was growing up, my Uncle stayed with us for a little while...during that time he bought his comic book collection.  Just a whole bunch of vintage comics, they fascinated me.  I ended up coming across Vixen, and she's a Bad B*tch...
I instantly fell in love with her, and she's my FAVORITE comic book character ever...

In other news...My work-wife is married (to a man of course, lol but I feel like my marriage with her is more legit jking) and I follow alot of blogger ladies that are married. I'm actually a little intrigued.  My parents were not married so I've never really witnessed the inner workings of a marriage. Everyone knows that one day I want to get married, but my biggest fear is getting married to the wrong person.  Getting married is pretty easy actually, getting married to the right person seems like a one in a million chance.  I'm such a control freak and used to doing everything on my own, Im not sure if I could actually work with someone and going through the motions of life together.  Giving up a certain amount of control just freaks me out beyond belief.  And Im a firm believer of "death do us part" so once I'm hitched divorce wouldnt even be an option, thats scary to me.  lol With all that said, I am envious of married women.  Sometimes I'll read blogs and it'll say something like "I was out at the mall and saw the perfect watch for my husband, I had to get it" or my work-wife will talk about her husband annoying her but you can just see how much she loves him....and I kind of wish I had someone to think of randomly or get annoyed by lol.  Its really sweet.  lol Just know, the day I start talking about a "Mr. Callender" he HAS to be one hell of a man for me to "Hub" him up, because Lord knows that I cant just be with ANYONE, lol until then, I have Alex, my cat hahaha. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Baby's away...Mommy will play!

My mom decided she wanted to spend the extended weekend with my little monster, so from Thursday until Monday I was freeeee....actually during the night, I spent the days with them. I rarely do the club anymore because thirsty men can be annoying and I can't dance anyways :(
But last weekend I did the club and had fun doing it...

lol Dont mind the goofy picture, its the only good one I got of my outfit, I paired this beautiful dress (that I got from a local boutique in Boston that I LOVE, Heiress Boston) and the Dominatrix belt from Intoxicating Vixen....

lol I didn't like my face in this picture so I had to crop it, but I was toting Amber around with me for most of the weekend

As a mother I think its important to take time out for yourself just to let loose and have fun.  As I was growing up, I dont remember my mom ever going out and making time for herself and this created serious problems between us when I did get older and really needed her. A lot of times people become mothers and think their "job" is done once their child is a certain age, anyone with this thought process should never become a mother. I'm fully prepared to offer my child guidance, love, support and anything he needs until I am dead, and hopefully at that point, the love, support and guidance I did offer him when I was alive, he can easily refer back to.  In other words, I know that motherhood will never be "over" for me, not even when I am dead, if I do it right. lol I'm rambling again.

But now its back to Mommy duties, even as I blog about this at 6am, my rugrat and cats are taking 75% of the bed

 I think my next piece for IV will be another hot blazer, I love "Iconic", so I'll start looking for something fierce today, either red, blue, or green? Hmmmmmm....


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Okay so I'm about 6 minutes late...and I know I promised to announce the V-day giveaway winner today....technically its still V-day in Cali, so I kept my promise...
Sooo all of the answers were amazing, and I felt the love...I couldn't decide so I had a random generator decide for me annnnnnnnd the winner is the lovely Ms. Drea over at

Her answer was:
"What is my love like?  Wow, that's a tough one to explain.... I like to think my love is strong, deep, forgiving, embracing, all-encompassing, and enchanting.  When I love, I love hard and very deeply.  I love beyond faults and without reason other than that "warm and fuzzy" feeling.  I will admit though, sometimes my love can be a bit territorial"

Haha My love is a bit territorial too, I'm a scorpio though, I can't help it...congrats Drea, I will be sending you an email shortly.

Thank you guys soooo much for entering, I can't wait to have more, actually IV will be doing a few more giveaways on others AMAZING blogs that I love, I will direct you guys over there once they are up...

In the meantime you can always check out

Okay I'm beat, V-day is draining!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

As I'm sitting here watching the Grammys...

My son was just jumping up and down to Chris Brown's performance, lol I think he wants to be a performer...actually he tells me he wants to be Sir Topham Hatt when he grows up...if you don't know who that is, its safe to say that you don't have any kids.

I'm so sad about the Whitney news, I feel as though a part of my childhood has left.  As I was growing up Whitney Houston was my grandmother's FAVORITE artist of all time, Whitney could do NO wrong in her eyes and I grew up listening to all of her music because of my grandmother.  Not to mention having my grandmother take me to all of the movies Whitney was in.  My grandmother passed away last year, and that was extremely tough, actually, not WAS...IS extremely tough for this has just resurfaced memories that I didn't want to surface at this point in time. My prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina.

In brighter news, I wanted to share a few things....

I see a lot of bloggers with GREAT nails and designs.  I'm always amazed at the creativity.  I'm not at that point yet because I can't keep my hands still enough to dry properly.  However, my "Work-Spouse" and I stumbled across Sinful Colors Professional Nail Enamel at Rite Aid for $1.99...I took Marketing classes in college so packaging and presentation is very important to me, $1.99 nail polishes aren't that rare but usually the presentation (bottle) is blah. I liked the bottle and the display case that SCP was in  and there is a wide range of colors as well as "nail art" polishes for the same amount.  Me and my "W-S" are now addicted.  I usually paint them and just top it off with a top coat, maybe one of these days when I don't have my son I'll attempt to do a design. 

Also, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter...I used to have natural hair, but I am relaxed now.  During my natural hair days I ONLY used natural products in my hair, now that I am relaxed, the majority of the products I use are still natural.  Coconut Oil and Shea butter have my roller sets looking brand new days later.  They are GREAT moisturizers and AMAZING deep conditioners. 
My family also has a history of bad skin, mainly eczema...the way that I keep it under control for my son and I are through using Shea Butter and Coconut oil, they are excellent for your skin as well.  Also these products are not expensive at all and last a while.  Its also great that they are great for skin and hair care, two birds one stone.

Also one more tip, when picking out skin and hair products, pay attention to the ingredients, if you cant pronounce most of them, re-think the purchase.  As for hair, I would say stay away from products that have mineral oil  (or a high amount of it) because it clogs pores. 

:) Hope you enjoyed....Also the contest is still open, a winner will be announced on the evening of 2/14/12...Good Luck!