Thursday, December 19, 2013


Remaining stagnant may provide the false security of comfort but progressive movement provides the very real experience of creative transformation.

Intoxicating Vixen Boutique is undergoing a serious transformation and I can not WAIT to unleash the beast within her ;)


Sunday, December 1, 2013


After a late night meditation session, I must say that the best way to get answers from God/The Universe is when you quiet your mind and just exist.  Our minds are continuously running, even in sleep.  If you don't take the time to rest your mind, it will cloud your vision and your path.  Leaving you lost.

I had a conversation with my mother, who is highly energetic.  Lol If I spend a lot of time with her she literally drains the energy from me.  I told her that she should think about meditating, focusing all that energy internally rather than wasting it all externally.  Of course she said she didn't think that she could sit still and just not think of anything.  I told her to start out small, first couple of times try doing it for 3 mins, work herself up to 5 mins, and then eventually she'll just work herself up to not being aware or even caring how much time has gone by. 

I decided to blog about this fresh after a session because I still feel the effects.  When I come out of meditation I feel as if the weight of "myself" has been lifted away from me, I'm more aware of my body's internal energy.  As I type this, I can feel my energy radiating from my toes all the way to the tips of my ears.  I know that I'm alive, that's scientifically clear, but meditation reminds me that not only am I physically alive, but I am spiritually alive.  The energy that I feel contained inside of me is connected to something bigger than what I am.  Your soul sometimes needs the silence of your mind in order to make herself known to you.

Give your mind a rest and let God/The Universe take over.

…two transformed souls reflecting upon their enlightenment…
This post originally ended with my quote above...20 mins later, I decide to get a cup of tea and retire for the 1am a direct message from the universe lands right in my hands, well originally on my teacup....


On a completely unrelated note, Yogi tea is awesome, The kava stress relief/relaxation blend gifted me that special message tonight. Sweetdreams.  


Monday, November 4, 2013

I got my hair!!!!

I think it's safe to say that 31 is muuuuuch better than 21 :) ...I spent a few days at cape cod with my loved ones.  Cape cod is actually great during off season, so much peace and relaxation.  We stayed at a lovely inn and just relaxed.  It was exactly what I needed, the end of September through mid October was a very rough time period for me, but I've had time to reflect and find great balance again.  lol I hate going through not so great times, but I do appreciate the amount of growth that I allow myself when I do go through these things.

I was a witch from Halloween, I got an amazing vintage dress from an vintage etsy shop that fit the bill for a "witch dress" my son said, "Mommy, you da baddest witch" lol and I was! ...I will blog more about the dress later

But...I got my indique hair, and I LOVE it...the indique fishnet is EVERYTHING for me, especially while I'm growing my hair out.  I can still wear it short but its going through the weird transition period between short and medium length.  I love my fishnet so much and since it's so easy to snap in, I've been wearing it almost every day.  I dyed it too! When I was doing research on it, I found that there wasn't too much info on the actual piece, so I will do a post and youtube video on how I put it in.

Here are some pics though....

So dope!
Until we meet again!

Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm still here....

Yay! It's almost my birthday....last year for my 30th I cut my hair off...this year for my 31st I am going longer. I invested in a clip on weave set from Indique, the Studio Collection Fishnet set to be exact.  Its a set of 9 wefts sewn together to make one large clip-on piece.  I received it in the mail today and I love it already!

I colored my hair a darker color, and I'm sitting under a hot dryer finishing up my roller set as I type this.  

One of the things I found a little frustrating before I purchased the set was there wasn't many reviews or youtube videos on it, I wanted to do as much research as possible on it and see different people with different looks.  I will def put a youtube up of me and my look. 

As for the boutique I am still running it, still loving it and looking for more wonderful pieces to share with beautiful vixens across the world.

I have a story I wanted to share....but I'm not quite ready to share it yet....

In honor of my previous hairstyle....RIP (for now)...
Me and (one of) my Buddhist statues...
sidenote....ummm I LOVE that corset, perhaps I should stock the boutique with some
Hope all is well....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mommy's Day!

Ha! I had a bit of free time to myself this weekend and I enjoyed every second of it. 

Did a little thrifting...copped my new favorite shirt of all time for $5, got soooo many compliments when I wore it, will def have to take a picture of it.  The bottom half looks as if its inspired by a corset, and the sleeves are lace, two things I love. So yeah that was my mommy's day gift to myself.

Took a driving lesson on Saturday morning...I have yet to get my drivers judging...I'm a late bloomer! I take my last driving lesson next weekend and then go take the test on the 24th of say that I'm excited is an understatement! The funny thing is I'm no longer nervous in traffic, but geeesh, parking? I get the logistics of it, but still need practice. Please wish me luck! The thing is, I'm a perfectionist and its my biggest downfall, I hate making mistakes so when I make even a small one, I get extra nervous. are the signs of a BAD DAUGHTER...I didn't get my mom her gift until yesterday right before I was scheduled to hang out with her...she said she just wanted gift cards, so I ran to the mall and got her a couple of different ones and some Godiva chocolate.  We exchanged our gifts, she got me a gift card from coach, lol I wasn't thrilled considering ummm...I haven't been to coach in years, but I took a quick look at their site and I will be getting this phonecase/wallet accessory, perfect considering I need a new phonecase and wallet soooooooo Thanks Mommy!!!!

For mothers day, my mom had to work so we kept it really low key this year and I decided not to get inspired by Juicy J's "Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out!!!"...I didn't wear anything from the boutique, just a simple black outfit, we went to a place close by to her house, Dogwood, and ate dinner, I enjoyed our time together.

Oh and yes, check out IV's ad over at Fashion Bomb Daily!

Hope all the ladies had a wonderful mother's day!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Notes to myself....

So I find myself using facebook as a means to writing public "notes to myself" in regards to friendship, spirituality, humility, relationships, parenting, etc.   A little known fact about me is that I love to write, not stories, just thoughts.  Facebook kind of forces me to be concise because I hate long statuses, but on this avenue I can delve more into my thoughts.

Over the years friends and strangers have told me that they love my "notes to self" and even go as far as to write them down and apply them to their own lives.  lol I am always beaming on the inside when someone tells me that they can actually relate to what I am saying!

Which brings me to this...last week I attended the Next Generation Women of Color Summit (organized by the Young Black Women's Society) and had an amazing time. Alicia Adamson the founder spoke, she asked the attendees to close their eyes and think about when they are at their BEST...I envisioned myself helping myself and others....she then asked what is the point of having talents if you are going to hide those talents from the world? Don't hide your gifts...share them.

For more on YBWS you can go here

When I first started this blog I made it known that it wouldn't be just about the boutique, because I think an Intoxicating Vixen embodies growth, experience, womanhood, etc. Somehow life got in the way and for a while I have only been blogging about the boutique, but that will change.

Now to start off, I am by no means am an expert on anything, I'm an observer.  I observe my own life and other's lives and just....well...learn through experiences.

Note to self....

The more you try to control someone's perception of you, the further you drift away from your reality.  Never take ownership of someone's problem or praise of you, its not yours to own.  Opinions are not tangible, forever changing, and they are not here to define you.

A lot of times, I feel like we sacrifice our true selves in exchange for the way we want (or don't want) people to perceive us. Regardless of if you are playing a role or if you are truly being yourself, some people are going to like you and other people will not. If someone doesn't like you, is it your responsibility to make them like you? If someone does like you, is it your responsibility to make sure that they continue to like you?

I know for myself in the past, if someone didn't like me, my first thought would be "What am I doing wrong? why don't they like me?" ...feelings of inadequacy would flood me, even though I never publicly said so.

If someone did like me, a part of me would pat myself on the back and make an effort to KEEP doing whatever I was doing so that they would continue to like me....never mind the fact that if what I was doing was hindering my growth in life, ha...."praise" was more important than "right"

Basically, its your real responsibility is to be yourself, whoever that is.  The world is not your stage to act on, the world is your foundation to GROW on.

-Shimika IV

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I am sooo thrilled to unveil IV's newest addition just in time for the spring (although this piece would look amazing in any season)! Anarchy is truly rebellious yet mesmorizing.  Anarchy allow you to make a bold statment fashion wise...

"I wasn't created to conform to the world, I was created to intoxicate it"
Anarchy will be available on shortly, I was so excited about her I had to give a preview!!!
I love this piece because its different and not trendy.  Wearing something like this will blow minds, the stictching shows enough skin to captivate yet its not raunchy. The possibilities are endless as well, throw on some heels and something as simple as a manbeater with the right accessories? Watch the heads turn! I can't wait to wear these in the spring, its about time my inner biker girl gets a little shine!
Hope all is well!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I decided to treat my Intoxicating Vixen to a beautiful logo as a Valentine's day treat....Maria over at Galeria Di Luce did an FABULOUS job...

I hope you ladies enjoy your Valentine's day!  I recently had to remind someone (and myself), you're appreciated EVERYDAY, not just on Valentine's day, sometimes we forget.