Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Short hair never cared!

In honor of my Dirty Flirty 30th, I chopped off my hair and I LOVE it.  The styles I can do are endless...actually going to do a youtube tutorial in a few weeks on a style, can't wait. Here it is...
For all of my life I've had long hair, so this is quite a change for me...I think it was the perfect birthday present to myself

Also I said that I would share the free gift that I ordered for my valued customers, these super cute keychains...

And of course my munchkin lost his tooth, ha he was actually trying to negotiate with me about how much the tooth fairy should leave him!

Hope you all had an Intoxicating weekend! 
-Ms. Dirty Flirty 30

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The new stuff...

I'm in love with the new items that are in the boutique! Whenever I get a new shipment, I'm like a kid in the candy store

First up, Demure..this piece is fantastic, its lined, very versatile and a pure classic.  $36 is a steal for her!

Next up is a full IV outfit, the top is Labyrinth ($22) and Edge ($20), a perfect balance of Sexy and Classy for $42 

Of course the accessories I chose for this outfit were Grandiose (the watch) and Ingress (the earrings) as well as Inclusion (the ring, which will be going on the site shortly)

Grandiose was such a hit that it sold out immediately, however I am ordering another shipment, I LOVE this piece 

Also Labyrinth (the top) can be worn so many ways, I wore it out the office last week with my fav blazer

Finally, my lovely Autumn Vixen giving me a peck of approval on the new items


 I ordered tokens of appreciation for my customers, I can not wait to receive them and share them with you all, they will be free with any IV order.  

I hope all is well with everyone, my wonderful work wife and I are finally getting together to work on the affirmation pieces soon, I can't wait to show them on the blog and hang them around my place!