Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I was growing up, my Uncle stayed with us for a little while...during that time he bought his comic book collection.  Just a whole bunch of vintage comics, they fascinated me.  I ended up coming across Vixen, and she's a Bad B*tch...
I instantly fell in love with her, and she's my FAVORITE comic book character ever...

In other news...My work-wife is married (to a man of course, lol but I feel like my marriage with her is more legit jking) and I follow alot of blogger ladies that are married. I'm actually a little intrigued.  My parents were not married so I've never really witnessed the inner workings of a marriage. Everyone knows that one day I want to get married, but my biggest fear is getting married to the wrong person.  Getting married is pretty easy actually, getting married to the right person seems like a one in a million chance.  I'm such a control freak and used to doing everything on my own, Im not sure if I could actually work with someone and going through the motions of life together.  Giving up a certain amount of control just freaks me out beyond belief.  And Im a firm believer of "death do us part" so once I'm hitched divorce wouldnt even be an option, thats scary to me.  lol With all that said, I am envious of married women.  Sometimes I'll read blogs and it'll say something like "I was out at the mall and saw the perfect watch for my husband, I had to get it" or my work-wife will talk about her husband annoying her but you can just see how much she loves him....and I kind of wish I had someone to think of randomly or get annoyed by lol.  Its really sweet.  lol Just know, the day I start talking about a "Mr. Callender" he HAS to be one hell of a man for me to "Hub" him up, because Lord knows that I cant just be with ANYONE, lol until then, I have Alex, my cat hahaha. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Baby's away...Mommy will play!

My mom decided she wanted to spend the extended weekend with my little monster, so from Thursday until Monday I was freeeee....actually during the night, I spent the days with them. I rarely do the club anymore because thirsty men can be annoying and I can't dance anyways :(
But last weekend I did the club and had fun doing it...

lol Dont mind the goofy picture, its the only good one I got of my outfit, I paired this beautiful dress (that I got from a local boutique in Boston that I LOVE, Heiress Boston) and the Dominatrix belt from Intoxicating Vixen....

lol I didn't like my face in this picture so I had to crop it, but I was toting Amber around with me for most of the weekend

As a mother I think its important to take time out for yourself just to let loose and have fun.  As I was growing up, I dont remember my mom ever going out and making time for herself and this created serious problems between us when I did get older and really needed her. A lot of times people become mothers and think their "job" is done once their child is a certain age, anyone with this thought process should never become a mother. I'm fully prepared to offer my child guidance, love, support and anything he needs until I am dead, and hopefully at that point, the love, support and guidance I did offer him when I was alive, he can easily refer back to.  In other words, I know that motherhood will never be "over" for me, not even when I am dead, if I do it right. lol I'm rambling again.

But now its back to Mommy duties, even as I blog about this at 6am, my rugrat and cats are taking 75% of the bed

 I think my next piece for IV will be another hot blazer, I love "Iconic", so I'll start looking for something fierce today, either red, blue, or green? Hmmmmmm....


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Okay so I'm about 6 minutes late...and I know I promised to announce the V-day giveaway winner today....technically its still V-day in Cali, so I kept my promise...
Sooo all of the answers were amazing, and I felt the love...I couldn't decide so I had a random generator decide for me annnnnnnnd the winner is the lovely Ms. Drea over at www.soshewritesbymissdre.com

Her answer was:
"What is my love like?  Wow, that's a tough one to explain.... I like to think my love is strong, deep, forgiving, embracing, all-encompassing, and enchanting.  When I love, I love hard and very deeply.  I love beyond faults and without reason other than that "warm and fuzzy" feeling.  I will admit though, sometimes my love can be a bit territorial"

Haha My love is a bit territorial too, I'm a scorpio though, I can't help it...congrats Drea, I will be sending you an email shortly.

Thank you guys soooo much for entering, I can't wait to have more, actually IV will be doing a few more giveaways on others AMAZING blogs that I love, I will direct you guys over there once they are up...

In the meantime you can always check out www.IntoxicatingVixen.com

Okay I'm beat, V-day is draining!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

As I'm sitting here watching the Grammys...

My son was just jumping up and down to Chris Brown's performance, lol I think he wants to be a performer...actually he tells me he wants to be Sir Topham Hatt when he grows up...if you don't know who that is, its safe to say that you don't have any kids.

I'm so sad about the Whitney news, I feel as though a part of my childhood has left.  As I was growing up Whitney Houston was my grandmother's FAVORITE artist of all time, Whitney could do NO wrong in her eyes and I grew up listening to all of her music because of my grandmother.  Not to mention having my grandmother take me to all of the movies Whitney was in.  My grandmother passed away last year, and that was extremely tough, actually, not WAS...IS extremely tough for me...so this has just resurfaced memories that I didn't want to surface at this point in time. My prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina.

In brighter news, I wanted to share a few things....

I see a lot of bloggers with GREAT nails and designs.  I'm always amazed at the creativity.  I'm not at that point yet because I can't keep my hands still enough to dry properly.  However, my "Work-Spouse" and I stumbled across Sinful Colors Professional Nail Enamel at Rite Aid for $1.99...I took Marketing classes in college so packaging and presentation is very important to me, $1.99 nail polishes aren't that rare but usually the presentation (bottle) is blah. I liked the bottle and the display case that SCP was in  and there is a wide range of colors as well as "nail art" polishes for the same amount.  Me and my "W-S" are now addicted.  I usually paint them and just top it off with a top coat, maybe one of these days when I don't have my son I'll attempt to do a design. 

Also, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter...I used to have natural hair, but I am relaxed now.  During my natural hair days I ONLY used natural products in my hair, now that I am relaxed, the majority of the products I use are still natural.  Coconut Oil and Shea butter have my roller sets looking brand new days later.  They are GREAT moisturizers and AMAZING deep conditioners. 
My family also has a history of bad skin, mainly eczema...the way that I keep it under control for my son and I are through using Shea Butter and Coconut oil, they are excellent for your skin as well.  Also these products are not expensive at all and last a while.  Its also great that they are great for skin and hair care, two birds one stone.

Also one more tip, when picking out skin and hair products, pay attention to the ingredients, if you cant pronounce most of them, re-think the purchase.  As for hair, I would say stay away from products that have mineral oil  (or a high amount of it) because it clogs pores. 

:) Hope you enjoyed....Also the contest is still open, a winner will be announced on the evening of 2/14/12...Good Luck!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yay, 2 more dresses...Can I get a little personal?

My baby e-boutique is slowly growing into her toddler stages.  Two dresses, "Beast" & "Goddess"

I will let you guess which one is which, as if it isn't obvious

ALSO the Valentine's Day contest is still going on, I mean who wouldn't want a free dress of their choice? lol Maybe I need to pick myself as the winner jking

I've also decided to morph this blog into somewhat of a personal blog and blog for the boutique as well.  Sometimes, I just want write, and it makes more sense to write on here instead of having two separate blogs.

This is my munchkin ....he's 4 going on 75, he has an opinion on everything..and he's a crabby moody cancer, lol

And then I have 2 cats, Alex, I've had since I was 13  (I'm now 29!), he's an old grumpy furball that  hates pictures... Autumn, is 5, she's a clingy nutball, but I love her, this is us being goofy:

As you can see I have a bit of time on my hands, to take silly pictures with my cat....haha but this is my family, they make me smile and give me hell all at once, but I am blessed beyond words because of them.  Now if only they could cook, clean, and pay a few bills around here!

This year is very exciting for me, a few professional and personal changes are planned...I've been a victim of becoming too comfortable with certain things in my life...when your comfortable, you don't want to change, and without change there is no growth...I'm realizing now that I'd rather be uncomfortable and witness growth rather than comfortable and stuck.

Forgive me, I'm not big on proofreading,  I just prefer to dump my thoughts out into the universe. 


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day...Free Dress?

I'm currently working on my next shipment...I'm torn, a few bags? a few dresses? a few blazers? a little bit of everything? IV's first set of shoes? ....I guess you'll have to wait and see...whatever it is...it'll be Intoxicating..

Shipments are hard because I take a lot of time and think about what goes into IV.  Its definitely not something that happens overnight.  I try to stay away from clothing that is trendy or that will go out of style. Most of the pieces I choose, I want people to be able to wear throughout the years, not just a season. 

In other news, a few people have asked me why the extraordinary "Salacious" is on my site for viewing but not up for sale yet.  The shipment I received was a bit different from the sample pictures I received (and that are currently on the site).  The mesh panels are not as dramatic as they are pictured on the site.  Don't get me wrong, still a HOT dress, lol I looked amazing in it if I do say so myself, however it will not be available on the site until I get my own professional pictures up...BUT...if you are still interested in the dress you can email me directly for pictures off of my own personal camera....and if you live in the Boston area, we can make arrangements for you to see the dress on your own....

Valentines day is coming up...a day of love and appreciation...I have been blessed beyond words...and I'd like to share that...Soooooo I'm doing a contest...the prize will be a free dress, shipping and handling paid by me...just answer the following question:
What is your love like?

All people who answer will be entered into the contest, and I will choose one....my only requirement if you do win, you have to send me a picture of you in the dress and be featured on my site and my blog...
Easy question, free dress, look like a bombshell in the dress, simple enough?

All submissions can be sent to IntoxicatingVixen@gmail.com
A winner will be chosen on 2/14/2012