Sunday, March 25, 2012

Iconic Feature

So for the month of April, I am putting one of my FAVORITE pieces on sale.  Its such a versatile piece and I wanted to showcase that.

Im going to spare you 50 milli pictures, I did 2 looks with Iconic...

The first look I paired "her" up with Dauntless and a sexy corset (the one that's currently in my profile pic lol)

For the second look, I re-did my new years outfit, the Sunrise Martini Dress and Iconic are a match made in Vixen Heaven

Annnnnd I wanted to do a video, so consider this a bonus look, "Iconic" paired with a plain black shirt...The "Bedtime Bandit" made a brief appearance...

My camera did not want to work with me, not sure why the quality is so low...and how many times did I say "ummm" , no judging! lol

I actually just started my youtube chan for the boutique, I used to have one for my natural hair adventures.  If any of you ladies have natural hair or want to see my past tutorials on it, please let me know and I will link you up to them 

Hope you guys enjoyed, for the month of April "Iconic" will be $30 including free shipping, this is a great price considering you wont find a piece like this anywhere.

Thank you! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love Potion 214...yummy

Hey Guys,
My (last) weekend getaway was so fun, even though I'm extra late on posting about it.  There's never a dull moment in New York.  During my stay out there my host insisted that I try this drink... 

Love Potion 214 is a non-alchy drink vanilla, alluring rose essence, splashed with coconut milk and aphrodisiac coco...and its soooooooooooo yummmmmy all by itself...but it can be used as a coffee creamer, eaten with cereal, mixed with alcohol or consumed by itself (warmed or chilled).

Since last weekend I was out of town and on relax mode, I decided to consume the drink with alcohol, and Smirnoff fluff was suggested...

It was yummy and delicious, oddly enough I could actually taste the rose in it, and it was a nice touch.  If you're ever in the New York area, def try to snag a bottle.  I briefly met the owner Mel and Mo and they were sooo sweet and pleasant. They even gave us these cute peppermint spoons to stir the drinks with:

These were the only pics I was able to get of my trip and this was after I was nice and at a crazy hour in the morning, hence the crooked pictures.  I def wanted to showcase my outfits, but too much was going on.  I'm a Boston lady, so I'm used to things being a bit slower. 

Also, a new shipment will be coming in April.  I haven't seen anything that I wanted for the boutique, as I said I'm VERY particular about what I like, but new things will be coming soon, hope you are ready! I'm excited. 

ALSO, one more thing, random....My son and I spent the weekend with my sister at her house.  She was telling me about Jason body wash, and how much she loved it.  I tried some, she had Chamomile Satin Shower, it lathered up really nicely and the scent was quite pleasant. I also liked that the soap was in a "pump" bottle, which made things easier. Since it was chamomile, I stepped out the shower relaxed and ready for bed. She purchased hers from wholefoods, and seeing that I work right near a wholefoods, I will be purchasing some soon, thinking about getting the Mango one, any of you ladies try this?

Sorry that this is kind of long, I missed blogging for a week so a lot was on my mind!
Now I need to catch up on some sleep, hope you all enjoyed the weekend :)


Friday, March 9, 2012

Glam No Labelz

Ashley over at Glam No Labelz (a wonderful blog that I adore) is hosting an IV giveaway....In honor of Women's history month we are working together to give away the "Simply Stunning" Grey Belt...because women are awesome :D

Please check out her lovely blog about fashion, beauty, and other things.  The giveaway is at

And that belt is NIIIIIIIIICE if I do say so myself lol

I'm leaving town for the weekend, feeling spontaneous, so New York City is calling me tommorrow morning, I'll be wearing things from IV so hopefully I can take some pics.  You Ladies Enjoy your weekend!!!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

I feel like dancing, but I have no rhythm! #HappyBlog

I almost feel like this blog is becoming the adventures of me and my work spouse lol
Anyways I wanted to give a huge shout out to my better half for 40 hours of the week, Karen of
I get bored so easily and I love switching things up, she created this for my site, how nice is this????
Karen does handmade cards and invitations, her stuff is hot. She drags me around with her to get exotic papers and one of a kind embellishments, and I always get excited to see what the final product looks like.  She currently has me not so patiently waiting on the final outcome of a vintage card, I can't wait.  Anyways ladies, we all have moms right? Karen is doing a giveaway for 2 lucky people, customized mother's day cards, the 2 winners will tell Karen about their mom, and she'll hand pick specialty paper as well as embellishments that are catered to your mother's likes, def jump on that, why go to CVS for something generic when you can go to Karen? Hit her up and give your mother's something different this year.

Now in Intoxicating Vixen News....ladies...I want to show you what Intoxicating Vixen is all about....
The creator of the Fab blog The Glamorous Gleam reviewed my dress Salacious! Seriously she looks flawless...a true Vixen... lol I stared at the picture for a little longer then I should have, even questioned my own sexuality jking...there is currently an IV giveaway going on there for $15 off a purchase, so make sure you check out her blog and shoot for the giveaway here:

lol seriously, if any of you ladies know how I can get some hips before the summer time, PLEASE tell me

AND very soon there will be another IV giveaway on another amazing blog from a No Lablelz type of Lady, she's a Cali girl, can I tell you how jealous I am of cali and southern girls? Hot weather all year round? Doesn't get any better than that....

Ohhh and before I forget, the lovely Ms. Drea at got her V-day  dress
I know she's going to step out on the town looking like a beast, her hubby better watch out! jking :D

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I did!