Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love Potion 214...yummy

Hey Guys,
My (last) weekend getaway was so fun, even though I'm extra late on posting about it.  There's never a dull moment in New York.  During my stay out there my host insisted that I try this drink... 

Love Potion 214 is a non-alchy drink vanilla, alluring rose essence, splashed with coconut milk and aphrodisiac coco...and its soooooooooooo yummmmmy all by itself...but it can be used as a coffee creamer, eaten with cereal, mixed with alcohol or consumed by itself (warmed or chilled).

Since last weekend I was out of town and on relax mode, I decided to consume the drink with alcohol, and Smirnoff fluff was suggested...

It was yummy and delicious, oddly enough I could actually taste the rose in it, and it was a nice touch.  If you're ever in the New York area, def try to snag a bottle.  I briefly met the owner Mel and Mo and they were sooo sweet and pleasant. They even gave us these cute peppermint spoons to stir the drinks with:

These were the only pics I was able to get of my trip and this was after I was nice and at a crazy hour in the morning, hence the crooked pictures.  I def wanted to showcase my outfits, but too much was going on.  I'm a Boston lady, so I'm used to things being a bit slower. 

Also, a new shipment will be coming in April.  I haven't seen anything that I wanted for the boutique, as I said I'm VERY particular about what I like, but new things will be coming soon, hope you are ready! I'm excited. 

ALSO, one more thing, random....My son and I spent the weekend with my sister at her house.  She was telling me about Jason body wash, and how much she loved it.  I tried some, she had Chamomile Satin Shower, it lathered up really nicely and the scent was quite pleasant. I also liked that the soap was in a "pump" bottle, which made things easier. Since it was chamomile, I stepped out the shower relaxed and ready for bed. She purchased hers from wholefoods, and seeing that I work right near a wholefoods, I will be purchasing some soon, thinking about getting the Mango one, any of you ladies try this?

Sorry that this is kind of long, I missed blogging for a week so a lot was on my mind!
Now I need to catch up on some sleep, hope you all enjoyed the weekend :)



  1. Awesome. I'm suppose to go to NY sometime this year. I'll have to remember to get this...

  2. Karen you know Im bringing us some back the next time I go, and Ash, def try to grab some, you'll love it :D, cant wait to find out the winner of your contest

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