Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mommy's Day!

Ha! I had a bit of free time to myself this weekend and I enjoyed every second of it. 

Did a little thrifting...copped my new favorite shirt of all time for $5, got soooo many compliments when I wore it, will def have to take a picture of it.  The bottom half looks as if its inspired by a corset, and the sleeves are lace, two things I love. So yeah that was my mommy's day gift to myself.

Took a driving lesson on Saturday morning...I have yet to get my drivers judging...I'm a late bloomer! I take my last driving lesson next weekend and then go take the test on the 24th of say that I'm excited is an understatement! The funny thing is I'm no longer nervous in traffic, but geeesh, parking? I get the logistics of it, but still need practice. Please wish me luck! The thing is, I'm a perfectionist and its my biggest downfall, I hate making mistakes so when I make even a small one, I get extra nervous. are the signs of a BAD DAUGHTER...I didn't get my mom her gift until yesterday right before I was scheduled to hang out with her...she said she just wanted gift cards, so I ran to the mall and got her a couple of different ones and some Godiva chocolate.  We exchanged our gifts, she got me a gift card from coach, lol I wasn't thrilled considering ummm...I haven't been to coach in years, but I took a quick look at their site and I will be getting this phonecase/wallet accessory, perfect considering I need a new phonecase and wallet soooooooo Thanks Mommy!!!!

For mothers day, my mom had to work so we kept it really low key this year and I decided not to get inspired by Juicy J's "Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out!!!"...I didn't wear anything from the boutique, just a simple black outfit, we went to a place close by to her house, Dogwood, and ate dinner, I enjoyed our time together.

Oh and yes, check out IV's ad over at Fashion Bomb Daily!

Hope all the ladies had a wonderful mother's day!