Sunday, March 25, 2012

Iconic Feature

So for the month of April, I am putting one of my FAVORITE pieces on sale.  Its such a versatile piece and I wanted to showcase that.

Im going to spare you 50 milli pictures, I did 2 looks with Iconic...

The first look I paired "her" up with Dauntless and a sexy corset (the one that's currently in my profile pic lol)

For the second look, I re-did my new years outfit, the Sunrise Martini Dress and Iconic are a match made in Vixen Heaven

Annnnnd I wanted to do a video, so consider this a bonus look, "Iconic" paired with a plain black shirt...The "Bedtime Bandit" made a brief appearance...

My camera did not want to work with me, not sure why the quality is so low...and how many times did I say "ummm" , no judging! lol

I actually just started my youtube chan for the boutique, I used to have one for my natural hair adventures.  If any of you ladies have natural hair or want to see my past tutorials on it, please let me know and I will link you up to them 

Hope you guys enjoyed, for the month of April "Iconic" will be $30 including free shipping, this is a great price considering you wont find a piece like this anywhere.

Thank you! :)

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  1. I am so in love with this blazer. The color is hot. LOl @ how many times you say "uhmm"