Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I was growing up, my Uncle stayed with us for a little while...during that time he bought his comic book collection.  Just a whole bunch of vintage comics, they fascinated me.  I ended up coming across Vixen, and she's a Bad B*tch...
I instantly fell in love with her, and she's my FAVORITE comic book character ever...

In other news...My work-wife is married (to a man of course, lol but I feel like my marriage with her is more legit jking) and I follow alot of blogger ladies that are married. I'm actually a little intrigued.  My parents were not married so I've never really witnessed the inner workings of a marriage. Everyone knows that one day I want to get married, but my biggest fear is getting married to the wrong person.  Getting married is pretty easy actually, getting married to the right person seems like a one in a million chance.  I'm such a control freak and used to doing everything on my own, Im not sure if I could actually work with someone and going through the motions of life together.  Giving up a certain amount of control just freaks me out beyond belief.  And Im a firm believer of "death do us part" so once I'm hitched divorce wouldnt even be an option, thats scary to me.  lol With all that said, I am envious of married women.  Sometimes I'll read blogs and it'll say something like "I was out at the mall and saw the perfect watch for my husband, I had to get it" or my work-wife will talk about her husband annoying her but you can just see how much she loves him....and I kind of wish I had someone to think of randomly or get annoyed by lol.  Its really sweet.  lol Just know, the day I start talking about a "Mr. Callender" he HAS to be one hell of a man for me to "Hub" him up, because Lord knows that I cant just be with ANYONE, lol until then, I have Alex, my cat hahaha. 



  1. Just remember getting married to someone is not only about what you love about him/her, it's also knowing that you can live with his/her flaws. LOl being annoyed is only 10% of it, 901% is love

  2. lol Im all extra late on this one, and for the record, youre only annoyed by me 0% of the time, so I guess its 100% love