Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Baby's away...Mommy will play!

My mom decided she wanted to spend the extended weekend with my little monster, so from Thursday until Monday I was freeeee....actually during the night, I spent the days with them. I rarely do the club anymore because thirsty men can be annoying and I can't dance anyways :(
But last weekend I did the club and had fun doing it...

lol Dont mind the goofy picture, its the only good one I got of my outfit, I paired this beautiful dress (that I got from a local boutique in Boston that I LOVE, Heiress Boston) and the Dominatrix belt from Intoxicating Vixen....

lol I didn't like my face in this picture so I had to crop it, but I was toting Amber around with me for most of the weekend

As a mother I think its important to take time out for yourself just to let loose and have fun.  As I was growing up, I dont remember my mom ever going out and making time for herself and this created serious problems between us when I did get older and really needed her. A lot of times people become mothers and think their "job" is done once their child is a certain age, anyone with this thought process should never become a mother. I'm fully prepared to offer my child guidance, love, support and anything he needs until I am dead, and hopefully at that point, the love, support and guidance I did offer him when I was alive, he can easily refer back to.  In other words, I know that motherhood will never be "over" for me, not even when I am dead, if I do it right. lol I'm rambling again.

But now its back to Mommy duties, even as I blog about this at 6am, my rugrat and cats are taking 75% of the bed

 I think my next piece for IV will be another hot blazer, I love "Iconic", so I'll start looking for something fierce today, either red, blue, or green? Hmmmmmm....



  1. Awww you're a mommy. Something I look forward to one day.
    I love that bag!

  2. it's so nice to get the weekend off! "thirsty men" -- haha!

    you are a fab mommy!

  3. Thanks Ash! haha Enjoy your freedom while you can though, lol once they are yours you cant give them back! jking...Cheryl, there is a "thirsty men" epidemic in Boston, scary stuff! Thanks :D