Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day...Free Dress?

I'm currently working on my next shipment...I'm torn, a few bags? a few dresses? a few blazers? a little bit of everything? IV's first set of shoes? ....I guess you'll have to wait and see...whatever it'll be Intoxicating..

Shipments are hard because I take a lot of time and think about what goes into IV.  Its definitely not something that happens overnight.  I try to stay away from clothing that is trendy or that will go out of style. Most of the pieces I choose, I want people to be able to wear throughout the years, not just a season. 

In other news, a few people have asked me why the extraordinary "Salacious" is on my site for viewing but not up for sale yet.  The shipment I received was a bit different from the sample pictures I received (and that are currently on the site).  The mesh panels are not as dramatic as they are pictured on the site.  Don't get me wrong, still a HOT dress, lol I looked amazing in it if I do say so myself, however it will not be available on the site until I get my own professional pictures up...BUT...if you are still interested in the dress you can email me directly for pictures off of my own personal camera....and if you live in the Boston area, we can make arrangements for you to see the dress on your own....

Valentines day is coming up...a day of love and appreciation...I have been blessed beyond words...and I'd like to share that...Soooooo I'm doing a contest...the prize will be a free dress, shipping and handling paid by me...just answer the following question:
What is your love like?

All people who answer will be entered into the contest, and I will choose only requirement if you do win, you have to send me a picture of you in the dress and be featured on my site and my blog...
Easy question, free dress, look like a bombshell in the dress, simple enough?

All submissions can be sent to
A winner will be chosen on 2/14/2012


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