Monday, August 20, 2012

Q's in School!/Bobbi Kristina's Sparkle Premiere Dress looks familiar..

It seems like just yesterday I held a tiny peapod in my arms.  I've watched him smile for the first time, take his first step, watch his first tooth pop in, and witness his first word (dada of course lol). I need to have a talk with Father Time and Mother Nature in regards to slowing down... Last week Q started K2, and I am happy to say that he is transitioning nicely, with a few bumps in the road of course. His most exciting part of this whole experience? Getting on the bus by himself lol
By the way that I am damn near strangling him, you can see that 
Mama Bear is not quite ready to let go of her cub!!!!


Lets talk about Bobbi Kristina and the lovely dress that she wore to the Sparkle premiere... carries a VERY similar dress, in gold of course...Glitz! 
 I am in love with this piece, as you can see, it is "Red Carpet" material :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Aww first day of school! I liked her dress, very nice, and it looks pretty in gold too. Have you seen the movie sparkle yet?

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. Your little man is too handsome! Lol @Mama Bear and that bear hug but being a Mama of 2 girls I know it us!

    Also, tat dress fab! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. Hey girl! I know this feeling! When my children first started school I cried the first time they got on the school bus and everything! But now they're six and seven and think they're grown lol. Q is so adorable! I hope he has an awesome school year!

  4. The dress in gold is super flirty, confident and sexy. In black it's safe.

    Aww congrats on your baby boy. I can easily see letting him go was not easy for you. His cheek is all pressed up against your hand lol.. They grow up so fast. Too cute.

    Sincerely Daja