Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy B-day to my Crab

It was my munchkin's birthday so we went to Six Flags NJ, he loves animals and that particular six flags has a safari.  He LOVED it.  My mother and him happen to share the same birthday, so we all celebrate together.  The e-boutique was on "closed" mode while I was away, I didn't want anyone to get late orders, however its open again :)

Here's his bday morning video, lol and thats my annoying younger brother talking in the background, I swear, no matter how old they get, they still remain annoying as heck:

I have a few personal things on my mind that I want to discuss, but its early in the morning, and I tend to like to open up at night, so I will wait on it. 

Exciting things for the boutique coming up, as a little girl, I always wanted to have my own business and just seeing my boutique blossom is amazing.  Just the fact that I had an idea, I worked to make that idea into a reality, and now I am able to put smiles on people's faces. For women to tell me that they love the stuff that I have to offer at the store, they wear it and feel like a brand new woman....I don't know, I just never thought that I could help people on that type of level, and seeing that I have, it makes me smile.  I am not the most social, but I do love helping people behind the scenes, this boutique actually makes me happy, it gives me purpose. 

Some days I feel like "I'm JUST Shimika" or "I'm JUST a regular old single mom" or "I'm JUST a college drop out with wasted potential" or whatever else I "JUST" am at the current moment in time. That "JUST" word might be the worst word ever created.  "Just" almost seems like its next to nothing.  Usually the only thing that could get me out of "just mode" was seeing my son smile, but now, thinking about people who have reached out to me about how happy they are with their clothing also gets me out of "just mode".  Insecurities are what makes us human, dealing with those insecurities is what separates the strong from the weak.

I think I will have my work wife Karen of Embellished Memory Designs make personalized framed affirmations for me.  I can pretty much hang them in my house and have my visitors think I am the most arrogant girl ever jking...they will JUST be reminders of JUST how awesome I am.

So far:

"I am JUST Shimika, you know, the insanely beautiful, wild, sassy, smart and funniest woman that you've been granted the pleasure of knowing? Be thankful and pay homage" 

"I am JUST Q's mom, the 5 year old ball of energy thats curious, talkative, smart, and a headache all wrapped up in an adorable chocolate package of sweetness.  Most people wouldn't be able to keep up with him, but I'm JUST merely a supermom" 

"I am JUST the owner of Intoxicating Vixen, you know, the fabulous e-boutique that brings out the inner vixen that all women possess? yeah, I'm JUST the woman that loves to bring that side out of all women."
These aren't the final statements, I just kind of came up with these off the top of my head so I might change them a little.  But in total I want about 5, well 6, I want one for my son to hang up in his room. I really need this, I get caught up so much with whats going on in my mind, visual affirmations that I'm forced to look at will be a great balance.  I haven't asked Karen yet, but by the time she sees this, I guess that will be my way of asking her, lol and hopefully by that time I will have the other 3 that I want.  I think she can make these affirmations amazingly eye friendly with her top notch embellishments.  I can't wait to show you guys what she comes up with, and yes I will blog about it 

Geeesh I said that I didn't want to open up right now, and actually this wasn't even what I had planned to discuss, but I suppose, once you just start writing you just can't stop.
Today is a thrift store run, I dont have my son, and its nice out, sooooo why not.  

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday 



  1. lol Shimika! Happy birthday to your son & mother.
    You more than what you've shared. And maybe you're trying to not to be selfish or self centered, but HEY you have to sometimes. Glad to see you're doing well.
    Also, affirmations & writing things down really do help to have a positive mindset which is a big percent of how we feel & deal with things. You are a great business woman, You are a kind person, You are loving & caring, Go ahead & say it!
    Don't allow your situations/circumstances determine who YOU are :)

  2. Thanks for making me all teary-eyed this morning Wifey :) Readign this made me feel you, like feeling myself because I'm at the same point in my life like you. And YES, I would love to do that for you. Matter of fact I cant wait for us to do this together.