Monday, April 30, 2012

Cocktail parties are fun!

My lovely sister and my best friend collaborated on an event this past weekend.  The cocktail party was a success, my sister of "Love2Lace Event Planning" did a great job at decorating the place, this is one picture before everyone demolished the sweets:

lol Seriously, I shouldn't have any problems when I have a major event in my life.  My best friend is a make-up artist, my work spouse makes handmade invitations, and my sister does event planning.  I am blessed.

I wore Tsunami and I sent positive waves and vibrations all throughout that place.  So many compliments were given on the dress and yes I was SEXY... (Ladies Tip: Being confident in yourself and accepting your sexiness is a MUST, if you don't recognize it, don't expect anyone else to)

Soooooo I made a huge mistake, and passed out at my BFF's house after the cocktail party WITH Tsunami on...Not good at all...however, it was like Tsunami and I were brand new, that's how great the quality of the dress is:

lol Well on second thought, Tsunami looked on the other hand....

Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend! ...Oh, and this will be a very special week for Intoxicating Vixen, I'll share later.... "Deuces!!!!!" ..that's a clue btw


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