Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy's Day!!!

I actually thought that Mothers Day this year would be extremely hard for me considering that it was my first Mothers Day without my grandmother.  This year has been full of a bunch of "firsts" without her and despite the fact that 7 months has flew by, I still wake up expecting her to be here, give me (much needed) advice, tell me one of her stories about when she was my age, laughing at me (with love of course) for making the same mistakes she made when she was my age...It really isn't the same without her.

Mother's Day morning me and mom visited her grave, and that was comforting.  I'm pretty sure that this seems odd, but I love going, its really a peaceful place.

This Mother's day was tough on me, but I knew it would be even tougher on my mom, because I lost a grandmother, but she lost a mom, so I wanted to make it a special one for her.  So I informed my "work-wife" Karen, from Embellished Memory Designs that I wanted a personalized card for her.  I told Karen what my mom liked (the beach, nature, blue, sunshine)...Karen asked me what exactly did I want on the card, now that was the hard part, because I didn't want something generic, so I sat and thought what would Q (my son) say to her, and I came up with a poem, here's how the card turned out...

My mom LOVED the card...Karen hand picked Japanese paper with waves to signify the beach, and the flower on the front for the nature mom usually isn't into cards, she'll just throw them to the side, but THIS card, she has on her dresser and can't stop picking it up. I was so happy.

Also, Q has an outstanding God Mother that does ALOT for him, her family is truly his second I wanted a personalized card for her as well.  She is into the "finer" things in life, classy and a little sassy.  Her fav color is tiffany blue...I thought about what I wanted to say, told Karen...and her creation...
I LOVE it...I haven't given it to his God Mother yet, its soo beautiful, I want to keep it all to myself...would it be wrong if I contacted Karen to make me my own bday card in June despite the fact that my birthday is in October?

Check out Karen and of course if you want personalized cards or invitations, this is the place to go, she really puts so much thought, love, and work into her craft:
Mother's Day brought out the "Glam" Vixen in me...and "Q" (my son) got his mommy some HOT Rachel Roy pumps, in black...haha I was feeling myself on mother's day...I loved the pumps so much I'm going to get them in a few other colors...

lol No worries, I am not doing a booty shot, my bump is NOT on that level, but with another 1000000302 squats, it will be, I promise...I wanted to show of the back of glam with all the beautiful embellishments...

Hello Nurse!!!

And lastly me and my mommy went out to eat
I think we are starting to look alike...

After Dinner and a few drinks we went to see "Think Like a Man", and I honestly enjoyed the movie soo much, I want to see it again! It was really entertaining! 

Carla over at the Deuce Beauties (a POPULAR nail polish blog) gave Intoxicating Vixen an OUTSTANDING review, I am sooo proud of my e-boutique...Intoxicating Vixen is about amazing customer service and quality clothing that you will not find anywhere...In the next blog I will share the review with you and place it in the feature section of my blog...AND my son asked if he can be on "TV" again , so I will upload another video in the next post as well...

I hope all the moms had a beautiful Mothers day, I know I did...



  1. You 2 are def starting to look a like :D and thanks for the love Ms IV. Cant wait to do business with you again

  2. Grandmas always have the best advice, don't they? With mine, you have to weed through the obscenities first, but then you get to the good stuff -- although it usually ends with, "Suck it up, and grow a pair."
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

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