Sunday, December 18, 2011

These pieces are...well...see for yourself...

*sigh* Its Sunday, where did the weekend go? In fact, where did the month go? I can not believe that its almost Holiday time!
This week I recieved 2 spectacular pieces in the mail...the first piece....
my "Work-Spouse" took one look at it and named it "Sunrise Martini", I loved it, and so the name stuck.  Its sooo beautiful and pops, this dress is one of a kind and spectacular. 

The next dress was just simply Glam, so thats what we decided to name this little number:

lol These pieces are like my babies, so of course one of the most exciting part is naming them.  Both pieces are available for $45, the quality is amazing, the fabric is thick and will fit your body like a glove.  Both pieces compliment your curves. 

In othe news...I have a 3 year body is lovely, if I do say so myself, lol but its not as hot as it was before pre-baby...I mean I am 29, not the young tender I was while I was in college.  The dresses fit me well and I have been working out, but I will also be trying something new.  So call me a little behind the crowd, but I'm going to get myself a pair of spanx for christmas, everyone says they make a big difference.  I can't wait to take before and after pictures and I'll post them.  :)  

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