Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Night Goddess

One of the things I enjoy doing the most is naming my pieces...its personifies gives them a certain energy that you can feel. 

I came across some (silver) Tibetan chain and Tibetan moon charms that I had to use.  The detailing caught my eyes and I knew I could make something amazing with them. 

I've always been infactuated with the moon.  No matter what stage Luna is in, when you look up at her, you can tell she is the Goddess of the night.  In complete darkness, she will still be seen and as you can tell, I was absolutly excited to get my hands on these moon charms.

Its a one piece earring. For the one piece I looped copper and silver chain.  I added the moon charms to the end of the Tibetan chain and added that one piece to one side of the earring.  I opted out of adding the Tibetan chain to both sides because I felt that would take away from it being the center piece.  This piece was truly about the Tibetan charms and I wanted that to be clear.

I was simply delighted the night that I wore this piece, I recieved quite a few compliments and inquiries about it.  I have included 3 pictures, one picture is of that event that I wore it to (I am on the left)...the second and third picture is me wearing it at home.

I hope you enjoyed and I will definitly utilize the Tibetan chains and moon charms in future pieces as well, I love them soo much.

Let me know if you have any questions in regards to this piece "Night Goddess"

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