Sunday, December 1, 2013


After a late night meditation session, I must say that the best way to get answers from God/The Universe is when you quiet your mind and just exist.  Our minds are continuously running, even in sleep.  If you don't take the time to rest your mind, it will cloud your vision and your path.  Leaving you lost.

I had a conversation with my mother, who is highly energetic.  Lol If I spend a lot of time with her she literally drains the energy from me.  I told her that she should think about meditating, focusing all that energy internally rather than wasting it all externally.  Of course she said she didn't think that she could sit still and just not think of anything.  I told her to start out small, first couple of times try doing it for 3 mins, work herself up to 5 mins, and then eventually she'll just work herself up to not being aware or even caring how much time has gone by. 

I decided to blog about this fresh after a session because I still feel the effects.  When I come out of meditation I feel as if the weight of "myself" has been lifted away from me, I'm more aware of my body's internal energy.  As I type this, I can feel my energy radiating from my toes all the way to the tips of my ears.  I know that I'm alive, that's scientifically clear, but meditation reminds me that not only am I physically alive, but I am spiritually alive.  The energy that I feel contained inside of me is connected to something bigger than what I am.  Your soul sometimes needs the silence of your mind in order to make herself known to you.

Give your mind a rest and let God/The Universe take over.

…two transformed souls reflecting upon their enlightenment…
This post originally ended with my quote above...20 mins later, I decide to get a cup of tea and retire for the 1am a direct message from the universe lands right in my hands, well originally on my teacup....


On a completely unrelated note, Yogi tea is awesome, The kava stress relief/relaxation blend gifted me that special message tonight. Sweetdreams.  


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